Eco Tales

Eco Tales: My Item Shop is a story of adventure, betrayal and commerce; the ABCs of a grand tale.

Eco Tales: My Item Shop is the story about you, a fledgling merchant with big dreams and small means.

You and your pet hippo Ambrosa have just arrived in the trading city of Ecbatana, with nothing but a thin purse and the dream of a grand emporium. The first thing you need to do is to get a small patch for you to set up your shop, but land sure isn’t cheap and time is ticking, Mr Plešec, the landlord, will not stand idly by if the rent isn’t paid on time.

You will need to stock up on wares, buy cheap, sell high! There might even be a way to get some merchandise for free. But no, you are not a fighter, though maybe…

If you could befriend an adventurer to travel with, the dangerous wilds of Eco contain many hidden treasures and highly sought after loot, some of which will surely bring a hefty price in the Ecbatanian bazaar.

Key features:
• Design your own shop.
• Manage the shop’s inventory.
• Care for your customers and build up your relationship with people of the city.
• Hire several adventurers to fight dangerous monsters, then sell the loot in your shop.
• Explore lush forests, deep caves and traverse the brooding graveyard as you work your way toward the haunted catacombs.